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our purpose

our purpose

We were put on this earth to serve our God.  Our pure purpose of life is to lead others to him and spread the gospel and how amazing our God is. 

Why is it that it is SO hard to do just that? We live our lives, for the most part, selfishly.  I know I do not live everyday with the mindset of “I need to lead someone to Christ today” I wake up and worry about an exam I have, or money or something so worldly and quite frankly, none of that really matters and was not why we were put on this earth.  Obviously, we still have to live our life and take care of ourselves and be successful but do you ever stop and think

“How am I living my life for God, what am I doing to glorify him?”

Of course the daily stuff we do like reading our bibles, doing our devotions, praying and going to church are glorifying him but is that leading someone else to him? I have always been obsessed with this song by Sanctus Real called Lead Me, and if you have a minute, watch this video and really listen to the lyrics.  It is so eyeopening and pure.  One of the lyrics says,

“So Father, give me the strength to be everything I am called to be - Oh, Father, show me the way to lead them, won't you lead me?”

There are so many people at our schools, work, clubs and maybe even families and friend groups who need YOU to lead them and they might not even have the slightest idea and you might not either.  It can be awkward, it can be soo vulnerable to bring up religion to people because you don’t either want to be offensive or seem annoying but we are neglecting our call from God if we aren’t telling these people about God. 

Something that truly bothers me is that in my past 21 years, I do not think I have brought many people to be saved or to learn about Christ - I have had many opportunities and honestly, I just either didn’t even think of bringing up religion or I didn’t think I would be able to lead them because I don’t know the bible front and back or know everything there is to being a Christian and I still sin so much and I feel like I would be a hypocrite if I tried leading someone to Christ

My fear and lack of faith in God to give me strength could be the reason someone does not hear the amazing love story of Jesus Christ and how incredible he is.

16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.  Colossians 1:16

Everything was created by him and for him - WE were created by him, for him - everyone deserves to hear about God and we are his voice, we have to let his light shine through us and it can be so uncomfortable but it could completely change someones life. But like the song says, we cannot do this alone in no way, we have to trust in God and that he will lead us and lead people to us.  He will give us the strength. 

This is personally something I really need to work on and something I need to remember daily - I want everyone I come into contact with to know that I am a Christian (a very imperfect one) and that I love God and they can feel free to talk to me about it - I am hoping one day I will fully achieve this.

If you made it this far and read all of this and ever want to go get coffee (or McDonalds because I don’t really like coffee lol) and just talk about Jesus or anything really then reach out to me because I am always down for some food, good company and Jesus.