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recruitment tipz

recruitment tipz


OK so if you are reading this then you are either 1) going through recruitment 2) debating on going through (do it) 3) just wanna read my post orrr 4) accidental click (you probs wouldn't of even made it this far down tho lol)


So I'm going to be a senior at ETSU this year and I am a member of the Gamma Phi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, so I remember (kinda, 3 years ago lol) what it was like to go through recruitment and how nervous I was.


I am going to tell you everything I was told when going through and hopefully this will help someone or get someone to change their mind and decide to go through! Ok I am going to quit talking and bullet point the main tips on recruitment :) Enjoy!!

Tip one

  • BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to hear this 100000 times, I promise. It is so true though, if you are not yourself and try to be something you're not, you will not find your true home.
“ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”


Tip two

  • Remember we are just as nervous as you are. We are trying our best to get you all to like us too, we want to impress you guys as much as you want to us! 

Tip Three

  • Be open-minded.  Do not get your heart set on on sorority before going in.  Don't decide you don't like a chapter before even meeting them, start with a clean slate of all sororities and trust you will find your home through the process!
“Don't judge a book by its cover”

Tip four

  • Don't follow your friends! You and your bestie can find homes different from each other, that does not mean you all will not remain best friends.  You could end up following your friend to a sorority you didn't want but you were scared of losing them. 

Tip five

  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!!!!!!! Go where you feel most comfortable and most accepted.  I swear by pref night you will know where you want to run home too.

Tip six

  • Don't get discouraged.  I personally think this one is so so important.  If after the first night you get dropped by the sorority you loved and thought you would be in for sure, do not leave and shut down all the other great chapters.  You could get to another chapters pref night and absolutely fall in love with them.  Stay open-minded.

Tip seven

  • Ok last one I swear, but Every chapter is great. Each chapter is so unique and has so much diversity.  Whichever one you decide to choose as home, you will be happy.  Just be involved, open-minded, and yourself and you will be good 2 go :)  




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